About Jeff Nourse

Jeff Nourse is a Toronto-based entrepreneur and experienced investor with more than 20 years of expertise building and growing medical-based businesses. For the last two decades Jeff has used his business acumen, networking skills and thirst for innovation to open a variety of aesthetic businesses in some of Canada’s largest and fastest growing markets.

Presently, Jeff Nourse is the lead director of a chain of cutting-edge medical aesthetic spas operating across the GTA. The spa’s Jeff foundedare the most advanced medical spas in Toronto and have performed laser aesthetics treatments on more than a quarter of a million clients.

Jeff’s business savvy has allowed New You to grow into one of Canada’s largest medical aesthetics providers with spas in Markham, Burlington, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, Oakville and 3 in the Greater-Toronto-Area (GTA).

What keeps Jeff at the forefront of the sector is his ability to foresee what will be in demand next. In 2012, he was the first aesthetic medical spa director to bring CoolSculpting to the country.

Using targeted cold to permanently kill fat cells was a concept that Jeff immediately embraced knowing that it would be extremely popular, and it was. To date his spas have performed CoolSculpting on more than 25,000 patients, making them the Canadian leaders in the cold contouring procedure.

Before helming one of Canada’s most popular med spa chains, Jeff led a variety of other high-end laser spas and medical aesthetics centers. Jeff is renowned for his ability to see the future of the sector, much like the foresight he displayed with CoolSculpting.

Jeff ‘s ability to forecast future trends routinely leads him to Asia and Europe looking for cutting-edge innovation and procedures. One of his most recent trips abroad Jeff was inspired by a state-of-the-art cosmeceutical company working on merging regenerative science with luxury skin care.

In addition to aiding in the building of Canada’s medical aesthetics sector, Jeff is committed to giving back to his community and fellow Torontonians. This year Jeff has spent $50,000 on charitable donations and initiatives in and around the GTA.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys traveling the globe and experiencing new cultures first hand. He is also an avid reader and stays versed on the latest trends, and advances in the medical aesthetics sector.  During a rare summer break Jeff can be found relaxing at the cottage with friends and family.